Beit Care

Home Healthcare Accessibility
Reimagined into
Hussein Sleiman
Due to the commonly high fees of home nursing companies, most patients seek freelancing nurses to offer the needed services at lower prices. However, finding an affordable, available, qualified, nearby freelance home-nurse is time-consuming. In addition, validating the qualifications of the freelance nurses before recruitment is very inconvenient. Most of these elderly-caregivers (children) have jobs, families, and little free time. Home nursing companies locate their operations in big cities which causes the access to home nursing services in rural areas to be very limited. Nurses, in general, often actively seek private nursing jobs to earn significant extra income. However, seeking private nursing jobs through their personal connections is not an efficient process. Our project constitutes of an online platform that connects patients, mostly elderly, who need home nursing care with competent home nurses. This online platform can be accessible through a mobile app and a website. Nurses, who generally have free time between their hospital-work shifts, can apply to join this platform in order to advertise their home nursing services. Nurses will be pre-recruited by us based on a professional set of criteria. Patients, or their families, can access the list of available nurses by downloading our app or checking our website. Based on geographical proximity, experience, availability and other criteria, patients and nurses would be matched on the platform. We are creating a sharing economy platform where individual nurses can compete with big home nursing companies over providing quality home nursing services at competitive prices in their free time between their working shifts at the hospital. “Find A Nurse” improves access to home nursing care, especially in remote areas, by instantly mediating the match between the nurse and the patient based on the location, fees, reviews, and other matching criteria. In addition, the app will enable the family of the elderly to receive updates about the elderly’s health status in real time through push notifications from the nurse. Our clients are the patients, mostly elderly, who need home nursing services. Our primary customers are the elderly's children who will be using our app to recruit nurses for their parents. These children are usually employed middle-aged individuals who are too busy to take care of their parents or find them proper healthcare professionals.