Reimagined into
A user-friendly mobile ap
Johnny El Hajj
Over the past few years, Beirut's traffic congestion has been our major problem and is still one today. Regardless of all the infrastructure problems and the overpopulation that Lebanon is facing, the main reason for this kind of traffic is that very few of the lebanese population use the local transportation provided. It is stated that only around 17% of the population uses the buses because they either don't know enough about it, don't feel safe on the bus, or can't seem to find the right bus stop. For that reason, "YallaBus" is a user-friendly mobile application that "reimagines" the whole local transportation system in Lebanon by making the lives of commuters easier and allowing them to track buses in real time. All what the user will have to do is insert his location and give us his destination with the time of arrival desired and we'll provide him with the fastest route to take with the number of transfers, where and when to wait for the next bus to come, and finally an approximate duration of the complete ride taking into consideration traffic congestions using a smart algorithm. Now the most important benefit of using "YallaBus" is that both the user and the driver can track each other. From the pre-setted virtual bus stations (in front of shops, caffes and restaurants which can turn later on into real stations), the user is able to identify his status as "waiting" which will directly appear as a notification on the driver's phone where the latter can track his customer and therefore stop to pick him up. Next, once the user pays his ride via the application using his credit card (when entering or leaving the bus), the driver receives an alert with the details of the commuter which allows the driver to assess the payment. Moreover, during their ride, passengers can rate the safety, the cleanliness, and the quality of their experience on the bus as well as provide comments informing other commuters if the bus is crowded or if there is traffic on the road etc... As for the people with no connection, "YallaBus" provides offline maps and bus routes as well as approximate bus schedules. A small percentage of every transaction made through the application as well as revenues earned from setting our bus stations in front of shops, coffee shops, and restaurants will allow us to expand our loyalty program and freebies. That is, for every 5 bus rides, commuters will get 1 free bus ride. In addition to the drivers' bonuses, they will receive free vouchers to clean their buses and fill their gas tanks. Finally, Nelson Mandela once said, "The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow." You see, "YallaBus" is not an application that only aims at reducing traffic or pollution, but it is also a message for the active youth of today to take this beloved country into their own hands and reimagine it in a better way and perhaps one day in the best way possible. Use our "yallabus" to reimagine our Lebanon. This project is presented by Geroges Geha, Johnny El Hajj, Therese Keyrouz, Johnny El Hall, Pia Saghbini and Ghassan Zughaib.