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Overheating solar water heater
Reimagined into
Haytham Dbouk
The demand for solar water heating systems has increased significantly throughout the world considering that solar energy is a renewable source able to decrease the reliance on scarce resources. However, the over exposure of these solar water heating systems to sun radiations (especially during summer) has resulted in the overheating problem which reduces the unit lifespan, causes premature component failure, and reduces the system’s performance. ProShield offers our consumers an innovative solution for the overheating problem in the case of solar water heaters (which decreases the heater efficiency and reduces its life span by 2). Moreover, consumers offered 2 choices, the basic overheating protection (an analog based system, monitored by the user) and the totally automated system (micro-controller based system). Moreover, the offered overheating protection systems are totally designed, modified and tested by our team based on a new concept that would solve this worldwide problem. Furthermore, the designed versions will be manufactured with the collaboration with our sponsor "DAWTEC" and will obeys certain economic constrains in way to be widely accepted within its proposed market.