13 years ago, three young talented engineers and one true freedom-fighter woman decided to challenge a typical Lebanese belief among the youth: “ما فيك تعمل شي بلبنان”.

With a small capital of $100 (enough to cover the cost of a lousy dialup internet connection) and four Pentium IV laptops, they ventured into software development.

They borrowed a small office in Monot, painted it themselves, furnished it with cheap desks, and turned it into a headquarter where they worked days and nights to build a small network of clients, including one passionate Lebanese expatriate who was eager to contribute to his country’s reconstruction.

Their friends and families who never believed in Lebanese startups kept discouraging them and telling them that what they were doing was a waste of time and talent.

Although the team never had time to write a proper business plan, they always aspired to become global game changers in the industry, while staying close to their families and their beloved country.

They hired hundreds of young Lebanese engineers, who maintained high productivity and standards against all odds, wars, crises, and uncertainties in the country. CME’s determination, humble approach, and focus on customer satisfaction lead to the conquest of one of the most challenging technology markets, the U.S. market.

Today, 13 years later, what was once a team of four consists of 270 engineers located in five different countries. CME brought in tens of millions of dollars to Lebanon and is now recognized as a key solution builder by top multinational and U.S. firms with more than seven registered U.S. patents in various industries.