The perfect pitch

Tips for a perfect pitch:

So, you’re one idea away from reimagining Lebanon. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you some simple but effective pitching guidelines to push your idea to the finish line.

• Don’t beat around the bush – There’s no need for long introductions, and some times there’s no need for an introduction at all. What we want to hear is your idea.

• Why again? – One of the first things we’ll ask ourselves is “What are you trying to solve?” So, convince us about the problem you’re targeting.

• Less is more – Great ideas speak for themselves. Focus on key information and keep it interesting, clear and concise.

• Careful how you put it together – Structure your message: Write a headline for your project and try to determine its 3 key benefits, that way you can organize a complex idea, simply and quickly.

• Know where you’re heading – Don’t stop at your idea. Show us the places it can go and the possibilities it can lead to.

• And most importantly… Reimagine your pitch – Surprise us! Find the little trick that will make your pitch unconventional and unexpected.